Editorial Policy

The European Journal for Qualitative Research in Psychotherapy (EJQRP) is devoted to publishing original and peer reviewed papers which are empirical in nature rather then purely speculative.

Submission of qualitative research papersĀ on psychotherapy practice are particularly welcomed although critical papers that explore the interface between qualitative and quantitative methodologies are also invited.

Of particular relevance are papers, from the diverse relational oriented psychotherapies, that promote critical reflexivity, and those seeking to foster links with research initiatives in the broader context of psychiatry, psychology and philosophy.

Interdisciplinary submissions are also welcome from other professionals who have contact with the human psyche in a psychotherapeutic context across European communities.

It is the aim of this journal to further critical reflection on clinical psychotherapy practice cross-culturally by exploring similarity whilst respecting cultural difference and diversification.

In order to elucidate areas for further empirical investigation papers are encouraged from practitioners representing the diverse schools of psychotherapy thought who are motivated to explore the interface of ideas arising from their unique therapeutic practice.

For further elucidation of the ethos of the journal please visit the home page.